Hotel Management & Development

About Lark Hotels

Boutique hotel management is Lark’s specialty. Lark hotels embrace the locations they are in — but in playful, unexpected ways. Think “sense of place” with imagination and a touch of mischief. We invite our guests to experience modern luxury in the heart of iconic destinations, to feel the pull of a nostalgic getaway while surrounded by today’s amenities and to find attentive service when they want it and privacy when they don’t.

Initially we grew in coastal cities and resort destinations in the northeast of the United States through both management contracts and select joint venture partnerships. We are now moving into other iconic locations across the United States. By leveraging the success of our existing collection of design driven boutique properties in iconic locations we will replicate this model consistently, but with a nod to each property’s individuality. Read about our founding partners and approach in this profile in Hospitality Design magazine.

Central to Lark’s success as managers and developers is our core team of hospitality, design and marketing veterans.

With experience working with properties as small as 9 rooms and as large as 175 rooms, the team has worked together on many significant inn, hotel and resort projects throughout the northeast of the United States. For more information or to connect with our team about your project, please email us.

Boutique Hotel Management Services

For investors who would rather not oversee the daily operations of their hotel but want to ensure the success of their investment, Lark’s boutique hotel management services provide the perfect solution. Management services include day-to-day oversight of all aspects of the business operations including:

  • human resources
  • customer relations
  • operations
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • sales
  • accounting
  • expense management
  • rate management
  • software and IT management
  • minor to major building project

Boutique hotel management fees are typically based on a percentage of gross room revenues and are paid monthly. In some cases, with a start up or vastly under-performing property there will be a set monthly retainer. In order to be branded as a Lark Hotel and become a member of our collection, your property will go through a thorough evaluation of your location, design, building, amenities and level of service.

Leadership Team

Rob Blood

Founder, CEO

At age 28, Rob entered the hospitality world with the purchase of his first lodging property in Kennebunkport, Maine. Now, 13 years later he is involved in the ownership and management of 22 distinctive boutique hotels and 4 restaurants in the North East of the United States and in California. Along the way he has served as a consultant/owner’s representative for several significant hotel and resort projects throughout the North East.  In 2012 Lark Hotels was formally born. Lark is Rob’s passion — creating and operating playful, design-driven boutique properties that pay homage to their locations and create a deep feeling of nostalgia by providing unique experiences and service for guests — resonates deeply with him.

Not a back office CEO, Rob has been recognized for doing whatever it takes - whether it is cleaning toilets, making beds, hauling furniture or installing wallpaper.  It’s true, more of his time lately is spent developing the strategic vision for Lark Hotels, creating budgets, forecasting revenue projections and evaluating projects, however he, along with the rest of the Lark Leadership Team, is in regular touch with each property on an ongoing basis. Over the last decade he has become an expert in revenue management, creating operational efficiencies, repositioning properties, operationalizing a property’s brand and project evaluation.  While other developers and operators can be hesitant to commit to seasonal markets or smaller properties, Rob has a particular affinity for these resort destinations and knows how to maximize a short season.

Megan Kennedy

Creative Director

Can you pick a tissue box cover that helps tell part of the story of a new hotel concept? Do you want to? Meg can and does. A firm believer that bespoke is better than uniform, that individualized is better than efficient, that the story is the thing that makes us unique, Meg is on a quest to bring Lark’s creative concepts to life.  She finds pleasure in deriving a hotel identity out of the beauty and grit in our neighborhoods, in identifying community brand partners to strengthen our story and in developing programs that help our people get out and experience our locations.

In her time with Lark she has proven to be a skilled organizer of small and large projects, mentor to staff, manager of chaos, defender of the lark mission and a dynamic part of the leadership team. In her role as Creative Director she oversees the creative work that supports and defines the company brand as well as the identity of individual hotels and restaurants.  By focusing on cultivating the unique personalities of each hotel through specialty amenities, relevant programming, local partnerships and individualized service style, she is responsible for all products or experiences that guests interact with either consciously or subconsciously during their time at our hotels and restaurants. Meg leads the team that  brings our creative concepts to life and defines how to operationalize the marketing strategy for the brand and individual hotel identities.

Scot Hopps

Director of Hotels

One could call Scot’s first job choice whimsical–finishing college and rather than exploring the corporate world relocating to the Caribbean to teach SCUBA diving–but that choice turned out to be the start of nearly two-decade career in the travel and tourism industry. Along the way, he’s managed teams in 13 room boutique hotels to 300 room luxury properties with an enthusiasm for taking care of people. Not many individuals would have later pursued an engineering degree, only to leverage it as a way of more richly delivering memorable experiences, but Scot is a lifelong learner and teacher. His ability to dive deep applies to people and numbers, systems as well as chaos. He is calm in a storm and steadfast in his dedication to the destination–but he most certainly ensures that each person around him enjoys the journey! He and his wife live by two tenants when it comes to travel: drop everything to travel for a good reason; and when you want to truly understand a new place, you need to eat with the people, drink with the people, and dance with the people. Their three little girls have embraced their parents’ love of adventure at an early age, committing to one another to visit all seven continents. Scot brings a zeal for people, a work ethic that both pushes and pulls others along, and the ability to translate a beautiful vision into a daily reality, year after year. In Scot’s role as Director of Hotels he is globally responsible for all matters relating to hotel operations.

Ellen Blood

Director of Human Resources and Accounts Manager

Ellen juggles a bunch of stuff for Lark and she keeps those balls in the air with style, grace and a dose of panache. Her very "human" approach to human resources makes her a commodity among employees across Lark properties. One of Ellen's favorite times of the year is when she's able to help prepare breakfast do housekeeping at our locations in need of a temporary team member for the weekend. Ellen could likely recite the names of every staff member company wide in her sleep, she knows about and cares for everyone and helps keep our team sane in times of chaos. As an operations manager with over twenty years of experience in both startup and established companies, Ellen has a seasoned perspective in operational issues of every stripe. Over the years she has handled all aspects of Human Resources, hiring, training and supervision of staff, development of personnel policy and budgets; RFP’s and grant proposals;  facility management with a specialization in build out/renovation of large office spaces up to 20,000 square feet; Investor relations pre and post IPO; and both local and national event planning for conferences on both the east and west coast.

Jeffrey Holihan


Holihan is derived from a Celtic word meaning “proud”, and Jeffrey Holihan is indeed the proud captain of the accounting team.  When the seas get a little choppy inside the dynamic Lark world, he always provides a steady hand and keeps morale up. He has spent the majority of his working life in hospitality on both the operations and accounting sides.  Starting out as a teenager working at a couple of Victorian hotels on the New Hampshire seacoast, he went on to work in many positions from short order cook to hotel general manager before “changing careers” to pursue accounting, and, as fate would have it, ending up back in hospitality, this time as a Controller for Hotel Development, Hotel Construction and Hotel Operations for both limited and full service hotels.  With degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management as well as Accounting, and years of experience to draw from, Jeffrey is well seasoned and well equipped to roll up his sleeves and work with everyone from GMs to bookkeepers to ensure that our accounting stays on course.  A spare-time avid waterman, Jeffrey is very happy being either on top of or underwater and loves to travel especially to warm remote seaside locations.

Justin Perdue

Group Executive Chef

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, Justin Perdue can remember cooking with his mom at home, where meatballs were a specialty, and watching the PBS series Great Chefs of the World in his free time. Flash forward and Justin worked with Bobby Flay’s New York City restaurant, Bar Americain, where he honed his skills while at attending NYC’s International Culinary Center. Seeking a new challenge, Justin then moved to Chicago where he continued moving his way up the line at renowned kitchens, including NoMi inside the Park Hyatt Chicago, and Topolobampo, where he gained experience under famed chef Rick Bayless. Most recently, Justin worked within the Hotel Sofitel group as an Executive Chef, at both the Chicago and Philadelphia locations.

At Lark, Justin has traded in his Chef whites for a tee shirt and a trucker hat but he still keeps his flavor bible close by.  Responsible for the creative direction and menu development at each of our restaurants and bars, Justin also hires and trains kitchen crews, implements system to create efficiencies, all the while monitoring food and labor costs with his on property teams.

Nikola Jasprica

Director of Revenue Management

Nik brings to Lark the unique combination of nerdy computer geek and confident leader. A rare breed of Croatian and South African, he is calm and steady and always knows when to take action. Nik has a lengthy background in hospitality and has held many roles in operations management around the world.  As our Director of Revenue Management, Nik is responsible for global revenue management for Lark and overall implementation, and maintenance of our technology and systems. Nik believes that technology has a great influence on the guest experience, and on our company as a whole and is always on the lookout for the next gadget or app that will take the Lark experience to the next level.

Amanda Wallace

Director of Strategic Marketing & Advertising

Amanda’s maxim is “creative thinking through organizational savvy” (or the other way around, depending on the day). When an online quiz told her she was 50% right- and 50% left-brained, it made complete sense. Hence her science education, but passion for working in the arts and creative fields. She loves making beautiful food, but only by way of following a Cook’s Illustrated recipe to the letter. Get the picture? She loves to write, create, and imagine – but that doesn’t mean she can’t love a good spreadsheet. With a multidisciplinary background as varied as the states she’s lived in, Amanda spent 15+ years in the nonprofit sector – primarily in public relations and marketing, strategic organizing, educational programming and development, events planning, and writing and research – before finding her groove in the communications world. Amanda’s years of communications experience and skill, as well as her dedication to living out her connection to place, makes her perfectly situated to lead Lark’s marketing team on strategic marketing and advertising initiatives and to continue to develop the organizational framework for their visions.

Emily Golin

Director of Content Marketing & Public Relations

Emily discovered a gift for gab at a young age, which often landed her at the desk next to the teacher's starting as early as third grade. That love of language and creative storytelling makes her the perfect person to lead the charge on the social media, public relations, and content marketing front. With her hands-on approach and in-depth market knowledge, Emily oversees a layered communications program strategically designed to create unique content that reaches audiences right where they want it - even if they don't know it yet. A former public relations account director for large firms including Arnold, Mullen, and Porter Novelli, Emily’s tenacity and forward-thinking has earned her a reputation as equal parts The New Yorker and US Weekly. She has spent nearly twenty years developing, executing and troubleshooting communications programs designed to drive awareness while unifying messaging across all mediums. That she got to tailgate with Mr. Clean, put bread on the Jumbotron in Times Square during the Atkins era, and now inspire people to go on a lark while doing so is the icing on the cake.

Stefanie Tannenbaum

Director of Asset Management

Stefanie comes to Lark after a decade in New York City working on one of the world’s most visited properties: Rockefeller Center. In striving to elevate the experience of her tenants, visitors and broader community, she came to appreciate the destination-building aspect of her work above all. This innate passion is what brought her and quickly aligned her with Lark’s mission. With a Masters degree in Asset Management, Stefanie is energized by collecting facts and opinions and in return, presenting them to the world the way she sees it and without reservation. Stefanie, with her inquisitive eyes, will ask you a question and listen so intently. This intensive listening turns into knowledge, and she has mastered the fine art of turning knowledge into action. At Lark, Stefanie is responsible for the financial performance of each property. She achieves this by a laser-focus on multiple and timely task execution along with an authentic ability to integrate into diverse teams which in turn makes her one of most introspective yet outgoing people.

Nicole Benson

Assistant Controller

Nicole is an energetic number-cruncher with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Accounting. She is a Massachusetts native and has extensive experience handling the books for restaurants, specializing in untangling complicated messes and catching up on years of backlogged work. At Lark she has taken on the role of in-house financial detective, and spends her time tracking down the answers to accounting questions before they become big headaches. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her adopted dog from Alabama, spending way too much time at farmers markets, and relaxing with her fiancé from Georgia.

Abbey Hybl

Marketing Manager

Have you ever met someone who is analytically creative? Sounds somewhat like an oxymoron but if you were to describe Abbey’s mindset, it would be just that. Whether it’s organizing a spreadsheet, curating content for social platforms, or upholding and managing Lark’s reputation online, Abbey is particular and organized in her approach to all tasks, accompanied by a touch of cleverness and ingenuity.  Starting out as a dishwasher for the local catering company in her rural hometown in Vermont, Abbey has worn many hats within the hospitality industry and continues to do so today in her current role as Lark’s Marketing Manager. From supporting the brand’s strategic marketing efforts (think annual budget development and decoding a plethora of spreadsheets), to creating engaging content for social media, to establishing and maintaining a consistent voice across all of Lark’s properties both on and offline (with the slightest of tweaks to fit each hotel’s unique branding and personality nonetheless), she has become the right-hand-man to both leaders of Lark’s marketing team. A seeker of challenges and solutions alike, Abbey is always ready to take on new projects that will further expand our message of encouragement to travelers to head out on a lark and experience of hotels’ modern luxury in the heart of some of the most iconic destinations.

Ben Fraser

Regional Manager: The Hotel Salem, The Coonamessett, Block Island Beach House, Counter, The Roof, Eli’s, The Surf, Coffee & Cocktails, Beach Bar

Ben typically does not differentiate between work and play, and he dives right in to both. His innate desire to create memorable experiences for others is deeply rooted in his energy, empathy, and ability to uncover what makes an individual or setting unique.

Ben honed his hospitality skills in many different environments, which enables him to effectively oversee hotel operations and steward the development of Lark’s food and beverage program company-wide.

From his time at multiple Relais and Chateaux properties across the country to the Auberge Resorts in Napa Valley, Ben has had the honor of working with some of the most passionate and talented hospitality professionals in the industry. He now sees it at his responsibility to mentor his team members at Lark Hotels and encourage the same growth opportunities.

He learned early in his career at the iconic White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine that it’s not enough to aim for the most innovative tasting menu or most comfortable bed. While those things do play an important role, it really comes down to the people when creating a personal, genuine and expectation-surpassing experience.

In his free time you can spot Ben and his trusty sidekick, a black lab named Piper, at the hockey rink, out on his boat, or finding any excuse to surround himself with friends and family.

Kenzie Maloney

Regional Manager: Whitehall, The Danforth, The Pomegranate, Captain Fairfield Inn, Blue, The Downtowner

Kenzie is a people person through and through; Not only is she the one who will remember how you take your coffee in the morning or suggest a new album or book you may like based on what you mentioned to her…in passing…that one time…a year ago- but she ensures there is that human element to everything she touches to provide genuine service for our guests. Kenzie grew up in a small coastal town on the Eastern End of Long Island. She has a passion for supporting small business which stems from observing first hand the drive, dedication & passion of her own family’s business. From a young age, Kenzie had dreams of owning and operating a Bed and Breakfast back home in the Hamptons. She attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management. Following graduation her hospitality career transformed from being an industry intern and running front office operational teams to opening two brand hotels and leading the operations team of a four diamond resort. Through time, Kenzie was determined to return to her roots. She blended her passions together and found her home at Lark.When Kenzie is not on the road visiting her beautiful Lark properties, you can find her exploring the outdoors, large iced coffee in hand, with her yellow lab, Carson by her side.

Tania Pereira

Regional Manager: Summercamp, The Richard, The Sydney, The Christopher, The Edgartown Inn

Tania first came to the United States from South Africa to work a ski-season in New Hampshire. Upon arrival, she was told she would be a ski instructor to young children. Undaunted by the fact that she’d never seen snow and never skied before, she donned boots and skis, grabbed some poles and rose to the challenge, giving the kids in her care an experience to remember. This attitude typifies Tania’s approach to hospitality where challenges are viewed as opportunities to find creative solutions that ensure our guests consistently experience the best service Lark can offer. Not being content with ‘just’ being the General Manager of Lark’s largest property, Summercamp on Martha’s Vineyard, Tania now brings her passion for excellence to bear on 4 other Vineyard properties in the role of Regional Manager for the island. In her 20 years on the Vineyard Tania has worn many hats in a variety of roles from night club manager to veterinary technician. This has allowed her to develop valuable relationships within the community and these have helped establish Lark as a trusted partner in community events. Tania lives in Oak Bluffs and in her limited free time she can be found pounding the myriad of island trails with her partner and their 5 dogs or at the airport waiting for a flight to a next overseas adventure.

Jonathan Silva

Regional Manager: The Hotel Portsmouth, Ale House Inn, The Merchant, Field Guide

Have you ever met someone who you believed was doing exactly what they were born to do? Well, we believe that about Jon. Being the son of an United States Airman, Jon grew up in an environment where he was constantly traveling, living in new places and meeting people from all over the world. He was immersed in the hospitality culture without truly ever knowing it. Jon just couldn’t shake this destiny. He attended the University of New Hampshire and received degrees in both Hospitality Management and Food and Beverage Management. From there, Jon’s extensive career in operations and hotel openings and development began! Jon is a “roll up your sleeves and get to work but don't forget to do it with some laughter” kind of manager. At his core, giving back is his true passion. Jon currently serves on the UNH Board of Young Professionals, mentoring students post graduation. As a Regional Manager, Jon assists in the hotel operations for our locations predominantly located on Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Newport and Marco Island, Florida.

Melissa Herrera

Human Resources Associate

Melissa is a combination of extreme organization and old fashioned thoughtfulness. She's the person who still balances her checkbook and will not only remember your birthday but will celebrate it with a card sent via the long lost art of snail mail. Having spent the last decade making employees her priority, she backed that up in 2011 by earning her Professional in Human Resources certification, giving her the added edge to take on anything that comes her way with a skilled and mindful approach. Knowing that employees are at their best when they feel appreciated and supported, she makes it her mission to take time to do just that by checking in to see how the family is doing or walking through the intricacies of the new health insurance plan and all with a smile. For her, a fun day in the office is one with the perfect combination of problem solving and supporting others.

Maggie Hinman

Company Events Coordinator

As the producer and organizer of Lark events company wide, Maggie's job is to build business, advise on property teams and monitor production quality. Maggie comes to us with extensive experience at a New England based boutique event company. She has honed her skills over the years curating personalized events where every detail matters. Maggie lends a hand in making sure that every event is as unique as the property at which it is held. Maggie brings to Lark and to our guests her incredibly patient demeanor, extreme organizational skills and upbeat attitude which has been the recipe for successfully developing this part of our business.

Korina Lopez

Administrative Coordinator

Korina started with Lark in 2015 and has gained the knowledge, through osmosis, that only our Administrative Coordinator could have. She has worked at five Lark hotels in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, having held positions as guest services associate, assistant manager, and rooms division manager. In addition to these properties, Korina has assisted in coverage and training at more than half of our hotels as well as being part of the opening team for new properties. Through all of these experiences, she has mastered everything from our reservation system to brand standards, hotel policies to housekeeping practices, and everything that falls between. As our Administrative Coordinator, Korina serves as the synapse connecting our various departments at Lark to ensure that we remain one team. Whether it’s updating team members with our internal monthly newsletter, placing massive order of all things needed for daily operations of a brand new hotel, or forging a local partnerships, she completes all with ease (and rest assured she’ll have checklists and spreadsheets tracking progress on all of these simultaneous projects). Korina is our go-to person for organizational practices and flow of communication as the Lark team grows, creating structure in the wonderfully chaotic world of hospitality.