Come as you are

Located at the very end of Cape Cod, Provincetown (colloquially known as P-town) is a vibrant and inclusive retreat built largely by the LGBTQ community. An eclectic mix of shopping, dining, beaches, and nightlife—just a short stroll from AWOL—reflects the area's diverse roots. Although known primarily as a summer destination, there is a thriving year-round contingent of artists who call this colorful spot home. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum on Commercial Street is a central hub of creativity, as continually changing exhibits showcase the talents of local artists who draw inspiration from the Cape's natural beauty. History buffs will recognize P-town as the location where the Pilgrims first landed in 1620. 


Our Lark Hotel in Provincetown



Tucked away from P-town's downtown among this beach town's iconic marshes, our fully renovated 32-room inn is your destination when it’s time to take leave from the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Provincetown, fully stocked with a vibrant atmosphere and private room amenities.

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